09 July 2017

Giving Women Wings


My friend Wilhelmina Krul came to visit this week. She and her husband Jason worked here for MAF for several years, and they've now moved on to a great ministry called Hungry for Life. She's leading a team of 13 people, and they were headed to Anse Rouge for the week with MAF the next day with David. (See the link above for the team's impression of their flight!) 

And that same day, I'd talked to another missionary mama out in Jeremie who was heading back to the States to support her mom through a surgery. Her husband was able to put her on the regular flight with David and know she'd get to Port safely to catch her international flight.

And it just struck me how our ministry has such a potential to support female ministry leaders. It's something I'm doing a lot more thinking about lately; how do we empower women on the mission field, especially in somewhat unstable places like Haiti? And good transportation is part of that equation. I love that we could support each of these women as they seek to serve those around them.

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