04 July 2017

Happy Fourth!

Well, we tried harder this year. Normally, the Fourth of July goes by without much to-do around here, given that we don't get the day off work and life goes on as normal. There's a fancy party at the Embassy to which MAF is always invited, but I think only our boss goes and mostly to network. With little people in our lives now, it didn't seem like a good idea. 

But we made a paper flag in homeschool preschool, even though I had to look up a picture to make sure we were doing it right. The kids seemed awfully confused about this holiday until I hit the magic words: "It's America's birthday." Ah. Got it. They decided that America also wanted us to eat cake in its honor, and I was okay with that. I looked for sparklers at the grocery store, as I've had a lifelong fantasy to recreate this picture my parents have of me with chocolate fudgesicle on my face and a sparkler in each hand...but alas, there's always next year. 

David came home around 4:00 and reported that his Haitian coworkers were appalled that we didn't get the day off. Then again, it seems to us like they have a holiday every week! Funny how different cultures can be. We quickly made burgers and fries (usually just a weekend food). Ellie was most excited about the pickles, which Peter inhaled the fries with LOTS of ketchup. Thankfully, they totally forgot about cake; we'll have some tomorrow with lunch, maybe. David found some Sousa on Amazon Music, so we listened to that during dinner, and afterwards, we found some fireworks on YouTube...but it just doesn't give the full effect. Fireworks are loud! They fill the air with smoke! And you're supposed to be sleepy, bloated and crammed next to your family onto a plaid wool blanket on a football field when you watch them! 

But we're making memories, and hopefully, we're imparting to our kids that we're proud to be Americans. God willing, they'll get the full effect next year on furlough. 

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