22 December 2016

My First Water Truck


Here it is. My first water truck...and what an appropriate hood ornament it had. I've lived here six years and never needed one until now. My first house mooched off the neighbor's city water. We paid them $100 a year to turn a valve and let theirs feed into both our cisterns. It wasn't that generous of them--they paid a flat fee no matter how much they used, and it didn't come on that often...like once a month in rainy season and less when it's dry.

My second house got city water for free because the valve broke in the "on" position and they didn't feel like fixing it. Between that and David's system of pipes to catch the water from our roof, we were golden. 

Until now...


Someone small was a little excited about this...yes, he's skipping. Maybe it's just because he got to get up from his nap. (Why does everything exciting always come during nap?) 


Here's how low it was. Our cistern is actually under our house, and I'm pretty sure it makes David very nervous that our floor is going to somehow give way and provide us with an indoor swimming pool. Being the fool that I am, I thought I could just kinda stick the end in there and it'd just gently flow out...seriously, it was like Old Faithful coming out of the opening in the ground, and all I could think was 'one dollar, two dollars, three dollars...' 

So we locked my big dog in the laundry room, and his assistant came around to hold the hose in a better position. Then, as it started to run out, they wanted to know where my buckets were: they didn't want me to lose all the water still in the hoses, but they couldn't pump it in. 

Not having enough buckets, I suggested that they roll up the hose from the back and push the water into the cistern. "It's very heavy," he said. He looked at me. I smiled at him. "Do it my way this time, and I'll get more buckets for next time," I said. Surprisingly, he agreed.


TA-DA! $35 and 20 minutes later, and we have water again! Of course, you can't drink it unless you treat it first, and I have no idea where it comes from, and it'll probably rain tomorrow, but hey, it's water, and it's all ours.

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