03 November 2016

Le Lion

He knew his time would come. He was patient. He watched, daily, as the door opened and shut. Opened and shut. Opened and shut. And today, when my neighbor Sharon came home by herself from grocery shopping...he seized his opportunity.

That's right: I'm talking about a 165-pound Mastiff named Robbie. But my yard guy doesn't call him that. He calls him Le Lion, and it is a name rightly deserved.

From my couch watching Netflix, I heard Sharon calling his name--then heard the desperation edge into her voice. I opened the door in my pedestrian gate just in time to see them go flying down the hill, him trotting along easily, her in hot pursuit. Let me tell you: it is not easy to run down a large dog on an unpaved road. This is not just any road. This road has river rocks. It has gulleys and dips and cracks. She did better than I would've done. Sheer terror helps, I'm sure.

Dumbstruck, I stood there for a minute before I shouted, "What can I do to help?"

"Get some meat!" She shouted back, and they both disappeared around the corner. Everything was frozen (we were having lentils for dinner), but I grabbed the bag of liver treats I use when I need to tie up my dogs so I can open the gate. (By the way, this experience served to remind me exactly why I should really do that every single time.)

I was pretty quick, but by the time I caught up to them, she had him on the leash. "He's never done this before," she panted.  He'd foolishly turned down a dead end, and she was able to corner him. But friends, getting Robbie on the leash was only half the battle--we still had to get him back in the yard, and I was more than a little worried that he was going to pull Sharon over completely. So we both took part of the leash, and slowly, we were able to work our way back up the hill. Well, maybe it wasn't that slowly. It was however fast the 165-pound dog wanted to go, you see.

And oh, you should've seen them staring. Those Haitian onlookers weren't getting within 100 feet of us. People literally cowered, and I don't blame them. I predict that no one from this neighborhood will ever attempt to enter her yard.

Robbie was a fan of the liver treats, Sharon and I did not get dragged along behind to the detriment of our knees, and the gate is shut.

Le Lion is back in his cage...for now.

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