20 August 2016

That says it all.

When your three-year-old unplugs the nightlight for a second fan...you know it's hot. 

Ellie dumping water over her head is an everyday occurrence, I just thought it was cute. But we'll pretend it's because she was hot. 

07 August 2016

Monday Meme

I heard this quote on the God-Centered Mom podcast, and it's just stuck with me. 

This week, may my life be more about grace than ego, more about patience than pride. 

Please keep praying for Maryann. Wilson left for central Haiti a few days ago to accompany his brother to the Partners in Health hospital, because his brother was coughing up blood. This family still needs your prayers! 

02 August 2016

Toddler Tuesday

Standing in a puddle, holding my Camelbak water bottle, face shining, hair dripping, she beams up at me: "Here Mama: wawa!" Once the joy of doing something for Mama wanes, she starts babbling about how wet her shirt is and runs away.