27 July 2016

Without Ceasing: Wilson's sister

This isn't the way I like to do it, blogging from my phone, but there just isn't time. 

Please pray for Wilson's sister. He's one of my boys who's been coming to my gate for food and money for years now. This is the danger--the real danger--of living in Haiti...it's not the guns you have to worry about. It's the deep love which too often results in deep loss. He's a good friend to me now. And his sister is dying. 

She's pregnant. She fell. She's in the hospital, which I gave them money for last week. When I didn't hear anything else, I assumed she was fine. In reality, it was just the opposite, and he hasn't been able to get away to tell me. He hasn't left her side at the hospital.

Wilson's mother is gone a lot, because she doesn't get along well with his father. His sister is the one who takes care of him as well as their numerous younger siblings. It would be a huge loss to him on many levels. 

Please ask God for mercy on his family. Ask Him to spare her life and her child's life. 

God, please hear us, not for our sake, but for your Son's and the glory of your name.

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