28 July 2016

Update on Wilson's sister

Her name is Maryann, and she's 20 years old. She's in the hospital near where his mom works, sitting on the street all day trying to sell food, so Mom's been able to bring her food pretty consistently. There's no cafeteria--relatives must bring everything you need.

When Wilson spends the night there, he and two of his brothers don't sleep. They make them go to the pharmacy and buy everything that needs to be administered, even in the middle of the night...no credit. He says the suffering is hard to watch. He looked terrible. 

It looks like she's going to be ok--my impression is that she's damaged her abs and won't be able to push, so they want to do a C-section. The baby seems to be ok, as far as Wilson knows. Maryann's pregnancy is about five months along. They are intending to wait until the baby's grown more to do the C-section.

I'm relieved that it's not as serious as I feared. Please continue to pray--childbirth kills many women worldwide, and I don't wish Maryann to be one of them. 

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