01 April 2016

The Cupertino Effect

I have this part of me, which is a bigger section of my soul than I would like. It wants things just right. It wants every holiday to be memorable (and not because we got food poisoning). It wants our photos to sparkle and our shoes shining and it wants everybody's waste to hit the inside of the potty all the time. 

But that's not life, is it? 

Wednesday, we traveled from Port-au-Prince to Portland via Atlanta. The car seat did not arrive in Atlanta. After scanning the claim ticket that I ripped away from the baby, it was determined that it was sent on ahead without going through customs...highly unusual. Highly unlikely...but instead of the freak out, I shrugged. His parents have a backup they would bring to the airport. Worst case, we ask Delta to replace it and they say no. 

Wednesday, I went to set my time zone in  Portland. It set automatically to Cupertino. Cupertino? Really, phone? Cupertino? 

You know what? It was good enough. 

Good enough is good enough. That's how life goes, especially on furlough. If everyone would try a bit harder with the potty, I'll be good enough, too. 

Thanks for your prayers. 

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