26 November 2015

Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving Edition

I'm thankful for the Chinese hibiscus that's blooming in my yard today. This bloom will be gone tomorrow, and it reminds me to live today for all it has to offer. 

This blog post has been brought to you by our generator, keeping the lights on at the Harms household since 7 AM this morning. (Sorry, neighbors.) I am also thankful for it. 

I'm thankful for this little sparkler--and all the fireworks that go with her. 

This man. His goodness, his kindness, his perspective. His listening ear. His good advice. 

These men. This was taken on our Day of  Prayer a few weeks ago, but we also have a weekly prayer meeting every Wednesday at lunchtime. This week, our coworker G said he was thankful for security, because he was able to duck into a supermarket as a violent protest went by. "When was that?" asked David. "Oh," responded G, "right after you dropped me off." 

I am thankful for the unusually overcast day, making today feel a little bit like Oregon. I am wearing jeans, and it is magical. 

I am thankful to be a stay-at-home mom. I think this is self-explanatory. 

I am thankful for the planes and the team that make what we do here possible. 

No, friends. Really. I'm not giving the party line. A surprisingly large number of the people who started this journey at the same time as we did aren't missionaries anymore. I'm thankful I still am. We get to be part of transforming lives, and I'm blessed by that. By you. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 

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