14 August 2015

Fridays with Will

It was Friday, and Pete knew what that meant. "No go Bible study, Mom. No like Bible study that much." I told him I was sorry, but that Mom needs Bible study. That it's not for him. That Mom does this for herself. 

You might consider our group small...there were five of us...and only two were literate. That's right: not counting the kids, it was just me and Wilhelmina. Sometimes, there were more: Liz had a team in town that particular week, and Sharon was still on furlough. And we used to have Mindy, a physical therapist whose husband worked at Adoration Christian School. We used to have Betsy, who was waiting on her kids' adoptions to be finalized. We used to have Karen, who's just too busy now with four kids running around. And Tina, who taught me how to be real, and Ruth, who taught be a hard worker at home, and Lori, who modeled such a tender, passionate love for her husband. 

But I'd always had Will. Whoever else was too busy, whoever else moved away or lost interest, there she was, blowing on the coals of the thing, keeping it alive. Her husband teased her that no one wanted to study with her, but I always did. Where two or three are gathered, you can still have your socks knocked off by God's voice, let me tell you. You can share a lot of life together in five years. 

And we shared our sorrows and our fears--and that wasn't easy for her. I know that, and it made the gift of knowing her well all that more precious. Her joy over passages I've known my whole life--her hunger to know the Word and apply it daily. Her compassion for those in need, her complete faith in God's goodness. I miss these things.

Such a friend, such a sister in Christ is not soon replaced. She's left now to pursue ministry in southwestern Canada, and I have to add another name to my list...she's in good company among the many godly women who have crossed my path here. And as we walked together for a while, it just made the going easier. And today, I'm just glad Will and I walked together. 

You can read more about their time here in Haiti and their next adventure with Hungry for Life on her blog: www.mafkrul.blogspot.com