24 May 2015

40 years and counting

I was sitting in a Subway catching up with two friends from high school over a six-inch spicy Italian. I was bemoaning the fact that I wanted to go to a friend's wedding in Spokane, but wasn't able to. 

"Why not?" they asked. 

The wedding was on a weekday just after we'd gotten back from a trip, and David couldn't take any more time off. 

"So?" they asked. "Just go by yourself." 

Truth was, it was a long way from Vancouver to Spokane, and he didn't feel comfortable sending me on a six-hour drive alone. 

"So?" they asked again. "Just go anyway." They were getting agitated. "You don't need his permission! You're an adult, too. Just go! It'll be fine."

I smiled, shaking my head. That's when I knew what it meant to be married. I didn't like David's decision about the situation, but I didn't resent it, either. It wasn't that the wedding didn't matter--it was just that our relationship mattered more. It would've cost me much more than I gained. Because when you know someone loves you, you'd do almost anything for them. 

I know, because I've watched my parents be married. And this month, they're celebrating 40 years of it. 40 years of a deep and growing friendship, service to others, passion and even a thriving business. You can't live and work together without conflict--I've seen that, too. But once the dust and their differences settled, they were better for it. Stronger than before, even. I so admired that. 

They've pursued dreams together, some of which came to fruition, others which spiraled to the ground in flames. They made the time to sneak away together while we were growing up. It meant that they sometimes missed a few things in our lives...but we knew we had parents who loved each other, and now, it's a much greater gift than being on the sideline at my soccer game. 

We praise God for His hand in bringing them together and keeping them that way. If you know my parents and want to celebrate with us, please feel free to leave them a comment here! (Believe it or not, they check my blog regularly.)

Also, the meme at the top of this post comes from a wonderful group called #staymarried. You can find their good encouragement on Facebook or on their blog. 

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