10 September 2014

It's not what you think

That's what I told Peter as I cut up plantains for dinner. "Manay!" he insisted, using his made-up word for bananas. "Beet! Manay!" 

"You think you'd like some of this?"

"Aye." (This is his word for yes. He thinks he's a pirate.) I give him a tiny taste, and the look on his face is classic. For a starchy, hard plantain is nothing like a soft, sweet banana, and that was immediately apparent to him. 

But sometimes things aren't so clear. The other day, my neighbor's househelper sat outside breaking glass bottles. It was a very distinctive sound--a "chink chink chink KSSH." It's not what you think--he wasn't on a bender. He wasn't just mad about something. He was increasing the security on their southern wall by imbedding the necks of the bottles into the concrete...leaving the top part open to catch rainwater and therefore breed mosquitos. "Razor wire is too easy to take down," my friends explain. She had a break-in recently...it's on the rise. I won't say it doesn't bother me.

And then there was the incident at the grocery store...I saw that they had (what appeared to be) chicken thighs for sale. This was exciting because 1) It's usually breasts or whole chickens or nothing. 2) They were cheaper. However, not being fluent in French, I wanted to make sure that's what I was really getting, having been burned before. (I bought veal, okay?! It was traumatic...and delicious.) Here is how Google translated the label:

Hmm. Chicken crotch casserole doesn't sound very tasty. I asked someone who looked official, and he seemed to be pointing to his leg...I took a chance. 

And that's the whole thing, isn't it? Here in our second term, we feel a bit like experts. We sit back a little and think we've got things figured out. Sometimes, we do. But sometimes, we have no idea what's really going on, and when that becomes painfully apparent, we scrape the starchy taste off our tongues and begin searching around for the sweetness of a life that makes sense. And since that's "not a thing," we lean on a faithful God whose parenting techniques are sometimes inscrutable, but always infallible. 

Please pray that we'd find the sweetness in leaning on Him more each day.

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