02 March 2014

The running joke

I am out of breath. (gasp)

Rolling Hills was having a women's retreat. (gasp) Never done that before.

Wanted to run a 6K. (gaspNever done that before, either.

Picked the 6K. (gasp)

Rhonda encouraged me to go to the retreat. (gasp)

Decided that physical training was of some value, (gasp) but training in godliness is useful all the time. (gasp)

Bagged the 6K. (gasp)

Came to the retreat. (gasp)

God came, too. He talked. I listened.

We laughed. (gasp)

We ate. (gasp)

We sang karaoke at 10:00 at night. (hee hee)

Saw an old friend, asked if I could run along. (gasp) We ran, she discipled. I...gasped.

She took me farther than 6K.

Don't tell me God has no sense of humor.

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