21 February 2014

People came!

Here it is: hard proof that someone wanted to hear what we had to say last night. Nine someones, in fact...not counting family members, who are perennial guests at these things and have only heard our presentation 1,459 times. True story. 

Please keep praying for our meetings to be fruitful! We've still got eight days left to do all the work we can! 

20 February 2014

What smartphones don't know

There's a lot of things my smartphone knows. Here's a few conversations heard in my house:

"Siri, what are the rules of curling?"
Seriously, it's a funny game...and oddly addictive. Now I can say ridiculous things like, "Man, that skip doesn't know what she's doing. She better get in the house on this end."

"Siri, how old is Bob Costas?"
Love him or hate him, we can't shake him...until there was pink eye. 

There was an IMDB search to figure out where we've seen that police chief before on Psych.

There was a BabyCenter search to find out why toddlers seem to lose interest in eating.

There was a Pinterest search to find new ways to cook pork in the crock pot.

I did a search this morning to find out if I'm in the top 5% richest people in the world. (I'm not.)

It knows a lot of things. Here's what else I asked Siri today:

"Siri, will anyone come to my event tonight?"
He pulled up a calendar for today, confirming that I have events. (Yes, my Siri is a guy.)

"No, Siri, will anyone come?"
He didn't know. Maybe I'd like to find pictures of killer whales instead? Maybe I'd like to know how windy it is outside or find my sister? Maybe I'd like to call Brian or play my party mix?

I sent out 65 paper invitations and 30 Facebook invites and made five dozen cookies and folded thirty paper airplanes and got all the cups and napkins and plates together and I just want to know if it'll be worth it.

I just don't want to wait until 6:30 to find out if anyone's going to show up. Because I have already warned my husband that if no one shows up, I will cry. I don't even blame anyone who doesn't show up. People are busy. I get it. I'm not crazy about going out on a weeknight myself.

Hmm. I think I'm going to have to wait to post this until after the event so I don't get pity attendees.

No, wait...I'm posting it now.

"Siri, what if my support doesn't come in?"
Siri is on. 

Good to know. If no one shows up and I get to eat five dozen cookies by myself, Siri is on. I hope he's got some good weight-loss strategies. We're at 94% of the support we need, which is about $450 short per month. If we're not pretty darn close to 100% by March 1st, our bosses will be discussing extending our furlough...as in, we won't be going back to Haiti in March.

Also, I taught my son to give high-fives today.

I just thought you should know.