13 June 2013

Only Six Months...

Here's the little guy who turned our lives upside six months ago...

He is eager to help and explore. 

He is very good at putting things in his mouth. Even things you don't want in there. Like your watch.

He has finally succumbed to the reality that yes, Mom and Dad will make him do tummy time. He loves to roll, particularly at 2 AM. 

This is what happens when you let him hold the speech bubble.

Can it have only been six months? How is that possible? He has made leaps and bounds in that time, dragging us along with him as we figure out how to not only keep him alive, but help him become a person you'd want to be around as well.

Happy half-birthday, sweet Pete! We love you, little dude.


  1. Love the Pictures! Time will fly and all the sudden you will be saying this to the "years" that have flowed by. <3 Lynne

  2. can't wait to see you all....such a lovely little boy.......you are all blessed. cindi