29 March 2013

Goodnight Noises Everywhere


I've been reading Goodnight Moon to Peter, and as an English major and a reading specialist, I have some concerns. Now, I have nothing against Margaret Wise Brown, and I'm sure Peter hasn't picked up on it yet, but there's some inconsistencies. For instance, we're introduced to the telephone first thing...but we never say goodnight to it. Why? Also, how we can we say goodnight to nobody? to air? There's pages for these things, but not for the telephone? WHY?

But the page that cracks me up the most is the last one: "Goodnight noises everywhere." As I rocked my little guy, I couldn't help but think that the noises we hear at bedtime might be a little bit different. Haiti will be home to him, so he may not realize it...yet. I felt compelled to write the rest of the book and say goodnight to our unique noises:

Goodnight wind through the kenep trees,
Goodnight laundry flapping in the breeze.

Goodnight mosquitoes buzzing 'round my net, 
Goodnight thunder, at a distance yet. 

Goodnight trucks rumbling down the hill,
Goodnight dogs that bark at will.

Goodnight neighbor chatting on our stoop,  
Goodnight bouncing basketball, goodnight hoop.

Goodnight roosters who crow day and night,
Goodnight church who sings with all its might...
(no matter how out of tune they are.)

Goodnight geckos, though you don't make a sound,
Goodnight noises all around! 

Sweet dreams, friends--thanks for your prayers.


  1. Love your additional words. And I'm glad you included that crazy rooster. lol

  2. I love it. Those are the sounds of our kids' childhood!