10 February 2013

Sleepless Days...I mean, Nights

I really love the people around me. But lately, they're asking me a silly question...

"So, are you sleeping?"

Given that I'm not, let's brainstorm some better questions--ones that actually have interesting answers.

"Have you put your bed sheets on the bed inside out?" Yes, I have. And I even noticed, but then forgot to fix it by morning.

"Do you have any zits?" That would require a mirror and time to look into it.

"How many restaurants have you breastfed in?" Three and counting, airport restaurants not withstanding. Coincidentally, two of them had art with naked women in it, and I was prepared to mention this in the event that the management complained.

"Can you hang laundry on the line one-handed?" Not yet, but I'm pondering the feasibility of using my toes, which have proven useful in drawer-opening and dropped-item-retrieval.

"What's your funniest memory loss moment?" Can't remember.

Despite the lack of sleep, we're hanging in there and adjusting well. And during those sleepless nights, while the nightclubs play on, I sit, I rock, I lean my head back, I pray.

I mostly pray for David and for Peter, but if you've got something else to add to my list, I'd be happy to groggily offer it up as well. Thanks for your prayers for us as well, midnight or otherwise.