17 January 2013

To the TSA

To the TSA:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I pity you for
The job you must do.

If you open my luggage,
It may not close once more;
For having a baby
Creates luggage galore.

So choose well what you open
When my bags come through;
I'd hate for you to bite off
More than even you can chew.

And yes, that's peanut butter.
What about it?

To everyone else:

I fly to Miami in a few hours with my mom and dad and Peter; then he and I continue on to Port-au-Prince tomorrow. Prayers very much appreciated for: safe, uneventful travel; calm, happy infant; peace in the hearts of those who must once again say goodbye.


  1. Those bottles stuffed with cloths brings back memories of 7 months ago! Can't wait to see you again and meet Peter :)

  2. We're excited you are coming back! Also looking forward to meeting little Peter! Hope traveling goes smoothly and no one attempts to open your suitcases :) Love the Kruls

  3. Just one more bit of proof you are called to be David's wife on mission! Nice packing, girl! Love the TSA poem, too. Praying for you all.