10 December 2012

Confessions at 39 weeks

Forgive me, blog readers, for I have sinned. It's been six weeks since my last post, and I realize that's far too long, especially given the state of things. And what's the state of things? Well, in case you missed it, our son is due in two days. I am large. I am uncomfortable. I am ready to get this party started. And in that vein, I have a few more confessions to make...

Today, I am wearing my favorite maternity shirt. It's grey with purple stripes. Two people complimented me on it. Because really, how often do I get to look good in horizontal stripes? I'd better enjoy it now.

I ask David to tie my shoes. I can still pick things up when I drop them, but for some reason, shoe-tieing just seems arduous and unnecessary.

I am one row away from finishing the large yellow blanket that I'm knitting for him. And when I finish it, the "non-mom" part of my life will really feel over. Not sure I'm ready for that.

I still think about Haiti every day. I ponder her problems. I compare her quirks to the U.S.'s quirks. (Oh yes, you people have quirks, too. Most of them have to do with personal space.) Much to my own surprise, I actually do miss it...mostly.

I would be willing to stay pregnant longer, except for my hips. My empathy for old people has increased a lot in the last few weeks, as I have to turn over every 30 minutes at night because of the pain. At least heartburn can be medicated. Sheesh.

I almost started crying during Elf. It's really not a sad movie, but it was just so...touching...sniffle...with the singing and the family and the Claus-o-meter on zero... ::blows nose::

We went shopping today, and I visited the bathroom at every stop. I am an expert on public restrooms, and if a politician ever becomes concerned about their state, I would be an excellent resource for suggestions on improvement.

Someday, my son will know what a goober his mom is. In advance, I ask him for mercy. 

Thanks for your prayers for a safe, healthy delivery. We'll try to post here when he's arrived, but you'll have to forgive us if we don't entertain visitors right away. Oh, and feel free to take part in Peanut's poll on the right. Thanks!

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  1. I love this post! I can empathize with so much of it! You will be wonderful in labor, and you will have such joy when you meet your new love. Can't wait to see pictures :)