05 September 2012

What I wouldn't give

I'm 25 weeks pregnant. I am getting bigger by the day. No, seriously. And the bigger I get, the more I need to move...and not just because my doctor says so. (Though he did, in no uncertain terms. Something about his deep French accent makes you feel twice as guilty.)

I've never been the best exerciser. I have good intentions. I even enjoy it, once I get my shoes on. But I'm still inclined to count things like watching football as exercise. (Not an exercise, you say? Then why is my heart burning?) Here are a few more things that don't count:

-Bending over to pick things up.
-Throwing the tennis ball for Grace. (I don't even have to wrestle it away from her. She drops it at my feet, bless her heart.)
-Tromping out to the port-a-potty for the tenth time.
-Sweating over scheduling since I still don't have our new Caravan available to fly.
-Racing upstairs to pull my laundry off the line as it starts to rain.

No, these things don't count. I know too many moms with severe back problems to take this lying down...so to speak. So I've pulled out my pregnancy workout videos...her first piece of advice? Work out in a cool environment. That's a bit tricky here...between the ceiling fan on full blast and the small fan pointed at my head, I feel like I'm working out inside a tornado. I call it the vortex. The dogs sit at the sliding glass door and watch me, their tails thumping the tile. David, having finished his run on the treadmill, sits on the futon and alternately cheers me on and makes me laugh. His comments today were directed toward the cheesy background music. As for me, my biggest objection is her use of the word "buncakes" to refer to my caboose...but even that, I can get over.

Because suddenly, it's for my son. It's not just about vanity or longevity. It's for my son, who is already the second-most important person in my life. Whom I would not trade for anything...certainly not sitting on my "buncakes" watching football in clear conscience.

It's amazing how my perspective is being changed in so many ways, just carrying him. I haven't even seen his face, except in profile. But I love him, and tonight I realized something somewhat profound: I would not give his life for you. Don't take it personally--I wouldn't give his life for anyone. And yet the part of the Bible I'm studying this week makes it perfectly clear..."see what kind of love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are..."

He would. He did. He gave what I wouldn't.


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  1. Love it - was just going to ask how things were going for you! Thanks for the update!