07 July 2012

The silver lining

WARNING: By the end of this blog post, you may think less of me. That's a risk I'm willing to take.

Is this day over yet?

I was up about eight times in the night. (I'll spare you the pregnant-lady details.) I gave up on sleep at 6 AM.

It's 11:31 AM. The construction started at our house a little before 8 AM this morning--before that, David had already left for the hardware store. They're increasing the height of our front wall by five blocks, and every 20 minutes, they remember another supply they need from me: a pen, a drill, an extension cord...

At 7:30 AM, the students started arriving across the street. No, you're not losing your mind (but I might be), it really is Saturday. School's supposed to be out...yet they and their parents came. Oh, how they came. Sometimes they stopped to stare at our workers and block our gate. {Edited sarcasm about how helpful that was.} I finally figured out they were having graduation...maybe it's the beginning of some quiet over there? {Insert skeptical snort-laugh. Demonstration available upon request.}

At 8:20, David called to say that the hardware store was out of the correct size of check valve to fix the overflowing tank on the roof. Thanks to my neighbor Rob, I didn't have to climb a 30 ft. ladder without a spotter to confirm that it was a half-inch pipe. David found it at another store down the road, after going through three employees...but it was slightly too short. It didn't fit.

As the noise peaked, I may have shed some stressed-out tears.

So between the singing, the sawing, the drilling, the hammering, the sweeping, the running water, the motorcycles coming and going, and my poor freaked-out dogs barkBARKbarking at e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g...it's not been a restful morning. I plopped my pregnant self on the couch to watch TV to drown out the din...and then I felt it. 

Somebody kicked me in the gut. 

I thought I had felt that at 2 AM, but being groggy, I wasn't sure. But sitting there, in the melee, I held perfectly still...and there it was again! Someone was kicking me! Someone was kicking me! 

I ran into the kitchen to tell David. Even he had to smile. "What does it feel like?" he asked. "Weird," I said. "It's really weird." What a silver lining--even better than a new wall.

I ate a cupcake to celebrate. You may celebrate today how you will.


  1. Awe, that's even better then a silver lining - that's a whole new kind of sky :)

  2. Totally awesome you two! Randy and I are so happy to hear about the baby. We think about you often. Especially today because it is finally a true hot day here. Carol and Cathy are part of our community group so we will be praying for the three of you on Tuesday nights. Blessings!