01 May 2012

Tomato Love

For those who may have missed the news, I am pregnant, due in December. (I'll give you a minute for any happy dance or loud whooping that you may feel is necessary.) We certainly have had our own share of joy as we get to spread the news, especially in telling the grandma's and grandpa's. It's quite a thrill.

Here in Haiti, my friends and coworkers are thinking that this is well overdue. After all, the total fertility rate in 2011 was three children per woman. Let that sink in for a minute. For every woman, three children. It's no wonder I always felt like everyone was pregnant but me. Also, a woman who's been married seven years without children? Unheard of. One stranger even chastised me for "withholding" children from my husband. Yeah, because I totally planned that. (This is me, rolling my eyes.)

I can't say that I'm one of those gals that relishes the pregnancy experience, sweetly smiling through every nauseated moment. I wish I could glory in the adult acne, the mood swings, the "space case" brain moments. I sort of think it's a pain.

Today, however, it was put into perspective for me. Our baggage handler, Marc, came up to me, grinning from ear to ear. "My boss," he said fondly, "You are going to be a beautiful tomato!" It was explained to me that I would be glowing, radiant and fat round.

Well, there are worse things in life. (Better a tomato than a whale.) While I'm not in love with "tomato-ness," I am certainly thrilled about its byproduct.

Please pray with us that this little person would grow up healthy and strong!


  1. Your prayer warriors are on it. Congrats! We can't wait to hear more about your adventures in tomato-ness!

  2. Congratulations Christine! So excited for you and David. Will continue praying for your family :)

  3. Whoot! I did miss the "tomato" news! That's super exciting. Congrats to you two! Jenn W. -- HQ

  4. Loved this - and we experienced some similarities, as in Indonesia, immediately followed upon "how long have you been married?" (7 years) was a discussion on family planning which taxed our language abilities and cultural sensitivities. :-)
    Love the Tomato expression. Maybe the little one could be a Big Boy, or an Early Girl?