11 May 2012

Double Love

Many of the people we serve here are missionaries...some would call them "short-term," but a decade-long commitment, coming and going, time after time, doesn't really seem short-term to me. I think of them more as "in and out" missionaries, as "here and there"...they just can't seem to stay away. These guys are often self-supported and on a tight budget, so I do my best to get them the best reservation set-up I can.

One of them, Bob, came through on Monday, headed up to Mole St. Nicolas in northwest Haiti. He had three other guys with him and a bunch of supplies, so they had the Caravan on the way to Mole. Coming back, however, he wanted to know if they could fit in a five-seat plane, as it would save them quite a bit of money. We had them separate out what they wanted to bring back and weigh themselves to do an estimate. They were right at 1,015 pounds...the max is 1045. David said it would have to be one of our lighter pilots (like him), but that we could make it work. I told them if they promised to take it easy on the rice and beans, we could cancel their second plane. They promised, I canceled it, and everyone was happy.

Until...I got a call on Wednesday, from Bob. "Our Haitian pastor up here has a doctor's appointment in Port-au-Prince on Friday...is there any way he could ride back with us?" This is where my job gets tough. The plane just can't take that much weight. As much as I'd rather say yes, I've got to protect our passengers, our pilots and our equipment. I told him I was sorry, but no, unless they wanted to leave all their luggage behind, there was no way.

"Is that second plane still available?" I told him it was. "And it would be double what we'd planned to pay, right? It would be the same price, only twice over?" I confirmed that it was. "I'll call you back in a few minutes." I went back to scheduling, fairly sure that they wouldn't want to double their costs for just one guy who's used to a tap-tap.

He called back. "We'll take it."

Isn't it amazing, the "double love" we find around us some times? Isn't it amazing that two men from completely different cultures, different economic strata, different languages...can become brothers?

Pray that we'd be a blessing to these "in and out" missionaries, helping them maximize their time in country and their effectiveness for the gospel.

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  1. thanks for you posts christine...they help us feel more of a part of what you are doing there. so glad you said 'no' to him....can't help but think of keith green...we don't want that again...wise decision..happy for you in your coming new little one! congratultaions!! God bless you greatly!