19 April 2012

Without Ceasing: Missionary Mamas

First, an apology. I've been quiet. Sometimes, life is complicated and un-bloggable. It doesn't mean good things aren't happening...they are. But it's not what's on my heart at the moment.

In this "Without Ceasing" post, I want to focus on missionary mamas. Earlier this month, a few of my friends shared some of their tough moments, so I'll share them with you, too.

Liz shared about sending her little guy to French school here. Pray for all the mom's who have to send their kiddos into strange schooling situations. We're blessed with a few different school options here, but school can still be different when you're crossing cultures every day. By the way, you can read more "Moms on a Mission" blog posts here: http://www.mafblog.com/category/moms-on-a-mission

Megan shared about helping her little ones and her neighbors through the recent earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia here. Pray for the mom's who find themselves influencing their friends and neighbors in ways they never imagined--even when it means sharing scary situations together. Here in Haiti, even now, our MAF kids are dealing with internal trauma from our earthquake...pray for Megan as she helps her kids and neighbors through it, too.

Jenise shared about settling her family into language school in France here. Traveling and transient housing are part of the missionary life, but that doesn't make them easy. Pray for these mamas to be able to provide stability, consistency and routine for their kiddos, even in the midst of great change. They've also been battling illness--fewer things scares overseas mamas more than the idea that their kids will become ill far from help. Pray for God to calm their fears and help them to trust in Him.

Thanks for praying with me.

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