27 April 2012

Without Ceasing: Ava

This is Ava. She doesn't live in Haiti...but she's important to us. Her dad Matt is David's cousin; we stayed with him and his wife Sara in St. Louis while I was getting medical testing done. And their daughter, Ava, needs your prayers today.

In March, she was diagnosed with Alexander's disease, a very rare genetic disease you can read about here. There's no treatment, except the healing of a Great Physician. But at the moment, it looks like he might be taking her home instead. Her breathing's been labored and difficult, and Sara wrote us last night to ask for prayers...because Matt's away at a conference.

Ask God to help her hold on until Dad comes home. Ask God to give Mom and their three girls grace and peace in these hard days. Ask God to surround them with blessings, to be their protector and provider. And in all things, ask for his will to be done.