21 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday Again!

Look at the cool painting David bought me today! What a guy.

Wordless Wednesday

We hardly ever get rain in the morning, but today, we did. And look what showed up to make us smile on our way to work...

12 March 2012

Hey, look!

Hey, look! It's David on the MAF blog! http://www.mafblog.com/missionary-2/i-bought-a-ticket-for-haiti-the-day-before-the-earthquake

Hey, look! It's Christine on the MAF blog! http://www.mafblog.com/missionary-2/many-are-the-plans

Yeah, that's all I had to say. And here's a picture of me, on a horse, riding to the Citadel, just for fun. The Citadel is enshrouded in fog, so...it's a disappointing picture.

11 March 2012

Yeah, that explains it.

This map depicts how much forest is left in the West Indies.

This is why my church is planting trees next month.