05 February 2012

The perfect spot

We're in Florida for a bit of vacation, and right now, it's the perfect place to be. See, I'm still a lot "here and there." I relish the break. Haiti grates on you after a while, and I've been feeling the need for a rest, a change of pace.

But Florida is perfect for an "in-between" girl like me...because it's a little bit of both worlds, too. The drivers here? They're terrible. Unlike Haiti, it's high-speed idiocy, but still...it reminds me of "home." Like Haiti, it's kind of palm tree-ish scrub brush-ish semi-tropical topography. They are both a bit ugly in my book, but to each his own.

But it has enough of my American culture and customs to satisfy that longing for the familiar. I saw a squirrel this morning and freaked out a little. David read a newspaper in English. And the wi-fi in the Fort Lauderdale airport is faster than the Internet I pay $60 a month for in Haiti. My feet are squeaky clean, and the shower temperature was completely adjustable.

But the under-her-breath Creole of our cashier at Wendy's yesterday still made me smile. And I still had to make myself drink out of the tap. And I still compulsively sanitize my hands and turn off the lights.

So in this moment of blessed rest, at least I'm in the perfect spot. Thanks for praying for us.

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  1. Enjoy! You captured it so well with words. Your furry friends are doing well. Gracie is healing...not such a site sore. Ethan just pet them for awhile the other night. They leaned into the love...you can tell they are used to it. See ya soon!