14 February 2012

First day back

Yesterday was my first day back to work since our vacation...and it was full of surprises. For instance, my new shoes are totally comfortable and required no breaking in. For instance, most of my work emails had been read and responded to, because the pilots filled in for me. For instance, no one yelled at me, I discovered no mistakes on the schedule, and we got to fly the band Arcade Fire. Oh, and three people called me 'awesome.'

And in the afternoon, I arranged for us to fly a fragile, post-surgery infant home today to Pignon.

And in the evening, I scheduled a diversion off another flight to take a microscope motherboard to Hinche. There's a team there to do eye surgeries for people who can't afford them, but the microscope suddenly stopped working. When the part comes in on an international flight at noon, we'll take it to him at 1:00. Since I had a flight going that way, I could even save him some money.

Man! Why can't every day be like that? I wonder why in the world I was dreading it. Moral of the story? I should go on vacation more often.

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