14 November 2011

Shameless Plug

Hey, you were warned. This is another shameless plug for SendThemForHim.com, the site that gives to our ministry support when you shop through them.

Does it cost you more money? Nope. Just time. I was curious, actually, so I timed it. Without using my bookmark, it only took me 49.4 seconds to get to Amazon.com through their site. So if you've got 45 seconds, you can help this couple stay in Haiti gratis (that means "free").

How does it work? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Step One: You'll start by opening this link in a new tab or window: http://www.sendthemforhim.com/files/Groups/Harms/MerchantList.html

Step Two: Find the store you're looking for. Click on the category next to it, and scroll down until you find it again. Click on the picture to the left to be taken to the website.

Step Three: Shop!

Step Four: Pay!

Step Five: Actually, there were only four steps. Sorry about that. I got carried away by how easy it was. Send Them For Him will automatically credit the charity percentage back to us. Elementary, my dear shopper.

As you do your Christmas shopping, please keep us in mind! We appreciate anything you can do.


  1. And don't forget, your shopping cart must be EMPTY when you begin... I do this whenever I shop Amazon and it is super easy :)

  2. Wow, two shameless plugs for the price of one! Thanks, Mom. You're the best. :)