13 November 2011

In which Christine tries to cram a whole weekend into one day

This morning, I did not go to church. My yard guy called me last night to see if we were coming.

O: Are you coming to church tomorrow?
Me: We'll see. I'm not sure yet.
O: I don't like it when you don't come. I want to see you. You didn't come last week.
Me: That's true. But I went to Bible study on Friday.
O: Evangelicals are supposed to go to church. It's good to be together.
Me: That's true, it is. Maybe we'll come.

But we didn't. We slept in, because both worked on Saturday and were exhausted. And now I am bravely attempting to cram an entire weekend into one day, before we must go back to work on Monday.

This morning, I locked the dogs on the porch and broke out our new basketball. "You do realize it's only 7:45 AM, don't you?" David quietly reminded me, as I started dribbling. Really? I'd already had pancakes (a weekend tradition) and answered some e-mails. I stopped to listen. Our neighbors were already up. Life here starts at 5 AM anyway.

Our yard is completely concrete. There are about three places where it's not, as if someone sighed and said, "Well, I guess if it's already growing there, we can't stop it." It's bad for plants, but perfect for basketball. I wanted to play HORSE, but we settled on PIG instead. I stumped him with my "backwards over the head" shot, but he won in the end...but only by one "G." After he beat me, we let the dogs out, to see what their reactions would be. I don't know if you've ever shown a Haitian dog a basketball, but there were two distinct reactions:

1) Gracie couldn't believe her luck. Her "grandparents" had brought this GIANT ball--just for her. She couldn't figure out why I was throwing it up into the air instead of letting her chase it, but oh man, was she ready for it. She practically bounced up and down, ears up, tail wagging, barking, as if to say, "Go ahead, throw it--I don't know how I'm going to get it into my mouth to bring it back to you, but I will find a way."

2) Nessie couldn't believe what horrible people we were. We were throwing things. It almost hit her. Her barks were meant to mean, "How dare you bring that implement of pain and torture into my yard?" When she wasn't barking, she was skulking out of range and acting incensed.

As you may have gathered, there was a lot of barking. When the ball went inside with David, Gracie stared at the back door, willing it to open. She was unsuccessful, and then heard a noise in the street and went tearing around the house to see what it was. At this point, Nessie came over to be petted to make up for the indignity of balls falling near her head. She followed me around as I watered my plants.

Nessie remained in the backyard, sleeping under the stack of black plastic chairs my parents bought me last week. She woke up briefly when I came out to put some laundry in the machine. Whites: pilot shirts, socks, underwear, white cotton shirts. Essentials, people. My goal is two loads. Ambitious, but if we don't get rain, we'll be set for most of the week.

Since then, I am planning a baby shower for a friend. Next on my list is "doing nothing." Otherwise known as "resting." If I don't, I'll be wiped this week. Let's face it: I'll probably be wiped anyway...but a nap never hurt anybody. As soon as the church in the ravine gives it a rest, maybe I'll give it a try. While I sleep, David will probably download "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," and after that, we'll listen to it and snicker while I bake him something delicious.

Ah, weekends. What would we do without them?


  1. You guys are awesome. I pray you have a restful weekend and are refreshed for the coming week. I'm proud to serve along side of you both!

  2. BTW - it's a pain in the bahooky to try and leave a comment on your blog!

  3. My apologies to your bahooky, but I kept getting spam comments, so measures had to be taken. :)