06 November 2011

Happy birthday, David Harms

Many of you probably have this picture on your fridge. It's a good one. We're both smiling, and we look very "put-together," like good missionaries should. You probably love it.

Here's the one I love. We were supposed to be seriously trying to take the picture for our prayer card, and here's David, making faces and cracking me up. I wish you could all put this picture on your fridge, because this is the real David, right here. That quiet guy who comes to your meetings and sits in church and flies you around in airplanes? He's just fronting. This is him. Right there.

So here's to my 28-year-old husband...I'm late, but I'm sincere. Thanks for another year of cracking me up when I need it the most. Thanks for loving me so well, even when you don't feel like it. Thanks for your helpfulness, your integrity, your good advice. Thanks for being David Harms...no one else could do it so well. Happy birthday.
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