23 October 2011

Home "improvements"

(Side note: I'm feeling better. Thanks for the prayers! Now on the more important things...)

There are a few things that are better about the new house:

1) Getting in and out of the gate is a one-man job...provided there are no four-year-old children standing in front of it. (We live across the street from a school.)

2) I have nice neighbors.

3) We get a lot of city power. Seriously.

But the best thing...the best thing...is the shower. Don't misunderstand me, now. Since long before I moved here, I have been a member of the Society for Scalding H2O Which is Ever Ready...yes, that spells SHOWER (mostly). I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a missionary who isn't a member. We should have a fan page on Facebook...but it might be misinterpreted.

At first, we were being cheap and unplugged the water heater when we weren't immediately using it. However, since then, we've figured out that the water stays warm, even when the power goes off. A warm trickle down your back is better than a cold trickle down your back. When the power is off, the water pump doesn't work. We should hang a sign that says "This shower brought to you by gravity." It's a pretty great invention, really.

The only hitch in my giddyup is that I'll wait as long as possible...to see if the power comes on...to get hotter water. Contentment really is illusive, isn't it?

Happy almost-Monday.

P.S. Pictures are coming. Soon-ish.

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