07 October 2011

His Song for Me

I was going to blog about something else entirely today, but this is too good to keep to myself.

At the top of this blog, it says "A chronicle of God's faithfulness." That's true. This is a record, a testimony, of what God's done for us and who He is.

The background to this post is that I've been discouraged. There's a lot of reasons why, which I may go into later. But I'm discouraged. I don't want to be. I'm trying not to be, but I am. One of the ways I fight discouragement is through worship. While I wash dishes or cook dinner or exercise, I listen to a podcast or music that gets my head right again.

Today, I was gone for an hour and a half to Bible study two houses down the street. In that time, someone broke through the window I'd just re-screened to steal my iPod off the dining room table. My old iPod, with a scratched screen. It wasn't even an iPod Touch, people. It was old school...but it was mine.

I cried.

Then I felt dumb for crying over something as stupid as "stuff."

Then I cried again.

Maybe it's because it made me feel unsafe. Maybe it's because it was so petty. Maybe it's because I'll miss the worship and the podcasts that kept my head right. Or maybe it's all of those, paired with my previous discouragement. I don't know.

But here's what happened next...

Still crying and angry, I pulled my Kindle off the bedside table, intending to read the Bible for a while, but instead, I opened up a book called Trusting in His Goodness. The first thing written on the page was this:

One of the ways God delights in you and expresses His love for you is in song. It's not just any song. Imagine the exquisite beauty of the sound when the very Creator of music sings over you. Every other piece of music is a feeble reflection. God sings over you and is committed to you. 

I couldn't make this stuff up. And although I couldn't hear it, I knew it was true. God took a moment of brokenhearted discouragement, however silly, and showed me His love all over again. It's a daily love, you know. The kind that can heal all hurts. The kind of love that knows each and every one.

And today, I heard the symphony of God's love for me all around, even without an iPod.

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  1. Isn't it incredible how He loves us, if we just take the time to listen? I call Him my indefatigable lover.