15 September 2011

On the Move

There is a power drill in my kitchen. There are ceiling fan blades in my entryway. And when I went to grab a Pyrex bowl, there were none to be found.

Something's happening around here.

I think it has to do with moving. In eight days, fourteen hours and seven minutes, I'm moving. It's not far--less than a mile--but in many ways, it's the weirdest move I've ever done.

For one thing, I was friends with the previous tenants...that's new. For some reason, it's made it more important to make this place "our own," maybe only because I've seen it under different circumstances. I keep catching myself calling it their house instead of mine.

It's my house. Mine, mine, mine.

But so is this one...and I'll still have to drive by this one every day. Every other time I've moved, I've left town--literally. I don't even have to change my mailing address this time.

It's weird. I'm trying to pretend it's easy, but it's not. It's weird.

There's a joke that MAF stands for "Move again, Friend" instead of "Mission Aviation Fellowship." I knew it was a good possibility...but we've already moved three times since we got here. At the same time, there are good things about the new place that I'm looking forward to.

For instance, I'm looking forward to being next door to...the pool. Well, and the friends who own it. We'll have our own basketball hoop. We'll be off the busy street. We'll have hot water. (And all our guests say "hallelujah.")

But I'm leaving the entryway that Simeon, Cathy, Randy, Sandy, and Carol painted for me. And I'm leaving the plants I put into the ground. And I'm leaving my awesome kitchen, my indoor laundry hanging spot, my dedicated workout room.

Since MAF's already put money into the new house, I guess I'll go through with it. The funny thing is that once my cookbooks are on the counter, I'll probably never look back.

Thanks for sticking with us, move after move.


  1. What about the rhubarb?! - Steph

  2. A new home and a new look for your blog; that's a lot of change all at once!

  3. Never fear--the rhubarb hasn't been planted yet. I'm waiting for some cooler weather.

    It is a lot of change! Change seems to be our middle name these days. :)

  4. Like the new look of the blog! My prayers are with you as you settle into your new home - I can't wait to see it!