25 September 2011

Move = win, First night = fail

The move was a complete success--thanks to all who helped and those who prayed! As far as I can tell so far, only one breakage (and a very cheap one at that). The group started at 9:00 and was done by 11:30, except for the generator. We'd planned to have friends from church come and help with it, but these missionary guys--once you get them on a project, they don't stop until it's done! So they powered through and finished it off. We polished off a few peanut butter sandwiches with some Cokes, and they all went on their way.

Well, not all of them. Jeff, a guy I just met, stayed to help us break up a waterbed. It was not a fun task, but he gave up a trip to go sightseeing to stay and help. I seriously cannot tell you what that meant to me. It was unspeakably helpful.

And then came night...where we realized that electricity without fixtures that work still equals darkness.

My dog whimpered all night and threw herself against the gate.

I went out in the rain trying to help my dog and got soaked.

We couldn't get the bed frame together (after finding all the pieces, we finally did).

I killed five cockroaches and got bit by mosquitoes.

David didn't really sleep.

So the move was a win, but the first night was a bit rough. Thanks for your prayers as we settle in, unpack, and start to fix this place up and make it home.

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