01 August 2011

Watch and Pray

That's the phrase running through my head at the moment: watch and pray. It's a little ironic, because they've just issued a tropical storm watch for Haiti. Truth be told, it's been a pretty wild 24 hours here at the Harms house, and we're exhausted. I'm going to bed now, but I know that I'll wake up with this storm heavy on my heart again. So far, the center isn't going to pass over Port-au-Prince, but it wouldn't take much to change its direction.

But then again, it wouldn't take much to change its direction away from us, either...shall we pray for that? For God's will, but also for his mercy to be at work on this island? That in His grace, He might turn this storm away from us...

In the morning, I'll watch and pray. Thanks for joining me.

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