13 August 2011

Food Math

Here's a little food math for you, friends.

Earthquake + Haiti = less food

{Previous scenario} + lots and lots of foreign aid = more food

{Previous scenario} + instability because of elections = less food

{Previous scenario} + inflation worldwide = less food than that

{Previous scenario} + no rain = we're in trouble

{Previous scenario} + "weather phenomena" = famine

Yeah, that's what they're predicting. Right now, we're at the "we're in trouble" stage...but a hurricane or tropical storm that disrupts food delivery or production (i.e. farming and marketing) could put us over the top.

It's just one crazy things after another down here. Please pray that God would prevent a famine!

Here's the article where I got my information: http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-3578-haiti-social-food-security-haiti-in-phase-2-before-the-famine.html  (Fair warning: a computer translated this article from French. A computer that deserves to be fired.)

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