04 August 2011

Barriers to a Blog Post

Well, so far, Emily's keeping her distance...but she's not the only one throwing us for a loop this morning. There have been a few barriers to this blog post...

My Google account got hacked, so I had to prove I was me before I could log in again. (When did I start using Gmail? I have no idea.)

David needed a lunch and he was busy "saving the day" up on the roof at 6:15 this morning, when we discovered we had hardly any water up there. Peanut butter sandwich it is...plus six packets of crackers, three granola bars, three packages of cookies, and two Top Ramens. Did I overdo it?

My laptop battery died as I was uploading pictures. Since our city power has been discontinued (again), we've been on generator, which means I'm trying not to charge things during the day...which means the laptop gets fed up with me and turns itself off.

We prayed together, as we do every morning, and I sent him on his way. He left in a pilot shirt, but he hasn't decided if he's flying or not today. Please pray for safety and wisdom for all our pilots today. Our other concern is that many Haitians may think the storm isn't coming and go about their normal business. Please pray that they would be cautious and wise in deciding to go out, and that God would spare many lives.

I was really surprised to wake up and find dry ground this morning, but things are definitely changing...

Here's what the hills looked like last night....

Here's what they look like this morning.

The wind started picking up around 3:45 this morning, but it's still kind of wimpy, compared to what I expected. Come on, Emily--let's get this over with. 

Oh, and one final barrier to posting this blog: I had to go shut off the generator when the water pump finished, as well as remind my dog that people with brooms are not the primary threat to our way of life. 

Thanks for your prayers, friends.

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  1. Update: the airport is closed for domestic flights at the moment, so they probably won't be flying today.