11 July 2011

Someone else's fever

Mwen pa ka pran te pou lafyèv li.
I can’t take tea for someone else’s fever.

I try to stay positive on this blog. I don't have a "whiny Wednesday." But every once in a while, I find things I hate.

I was painting at the new house last week, when my phone rang. It was B...on her day off. Bad sign. In a jumble of Creole, I understood that she was at my house. J let me borrow her car, and I hurried over. Her daughter was lying on the couch...even from six feet away, I could see the huge beads of sweat on her forehead. 

Another flurry of Creole told me that she'd been vomiting the night before and had an itchy rash. What startled me was her face--she couldn't open her eyes because it was so puffy. They'd been to the hospital and were sent home with several prescriptions. I gave her money; some for the medicine, and some to save in case they needed to go back to the hospital. This was Thursday; I told her not to come Friday, even though we had a guest coming and it meant I'd need to do lots of cleaning myself. 

I prayed for them in Creole: help them, they love you, they need you, please heal her. They left, B leading her daughter by the hand. In the quiet, I felt something. It's not an emotion I'm too familiar these days. I expected to be sad. Sad was a safe feeling. Sad would make sense. But I wasn't sad. I was angry. Not with them--it's not their fault. Not even with the doctors--even though they often shuffle patients off without answers. I was angry with God. I was angry because things were finally starting to line up for them, and now this happens. And there really wasn't much I could do about it.

I didn't see her Friday, but Saturday, I got a text from her that she'd be late on Monday, because her daughter needed to go back to the doctor. I texted back for B not to leave her if she was still worried about her. By then, I wasn't angry anymore...just worried. Just praying.

The Bible tells us to "hate what is evil and cling to what is good." I'm looking for the good in this...at least I had something to give them. Maybe I should have taken them myself and gotten a good diagnosis. Maybe I should have given her more money. The proverb is right--I can't take tea for someone else's fever. But knowing that she has one still upsets me.

Please pray for B and her girls.

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  1. We will be praying indeed! Praying for B, her girls, and that no one else gets the fever.

    Hugs from us.