21 July 2011

O's Family

Our yard guy, O, knocks on the back door when he's finished with his work. I click the metal lock in the metal door and it creaks open.

Me: You're ready?

O: Yeah, I'm ready. Bye.

Me: (laughing) You can't say goodbye until I let you out the front gate.

O: (something mumbly in Creole)

Me: Huh?

O: I'm not leaving, I'm staying here.

Me: (exuberantly) You can't stay here! You have to go get married!!

As he left, he had the biggest smile on his face. "Pray for me," he calls, and he's not joking (for once). It's a long trip to the village where his "wife" lives...and this week, they're making it official. He started going to our church, Calvary Chapel PAP, about a year and a half ago, and it must have gotten him thinking. It's about time they got married, I often tease him, since they already have four kids. And let's face it, in a few months, we'll probably find out that she's pregnant again. But he only gets to see them every six months. That's rough.

He's a good dad--he calls his kids every night to make sure they're being good for their mom. And I can tell he loves his wife. He's always joking around, and it's a true blessing to have him in our lives. (Oops--I meant to add a "sentimental alert." Oh well, too late now.)

He called me yesterday afternoon. There was lots of people noise in the background--happy laughing and talking, just like O, only times fifty. "I made it! I'm here! My family greets you!" he yelled into the phone. "I greet them back! Have a great time!" He told me he was coming back the 32nd. That must have been another joke.

We're rejoicing over O and his family! Please pray for safety for him as he travels and a strong start to his marriage.

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