12 July 2011

Music to my ears

To say that it's been dry is an understatement. We usually get rain every day in this season, but we haven't had rain in 35 days.

 This is the corn O planted for us. It's rather...dead. I was going to split it with him, but he's going to lose money as it is. I've been dumping my laundry water out there, but it only goes so far. 

Clearly, I couldn't save all of it. So sad. And when it's sad for me (just because I love corn), I think about the people who really need their crops. Like, to live.

My dusty banana tree. All the trees along the road are just coated with dirt that the rain usually washes off. 

I took these this morning, to show you how dry it's been. And then, finally, after 35 days of praying...I heard music to my ears...

It sounded like it was tapering off for a while after this, but now the thunder and lightning are picking up again...and there's few things I like better. This storm is a good start, but if a food shortage is going to be avoided, we're going to need a lot more. Please pray for more rain!

P.S. B came to work today--her daughter is feeling a little better, but they're still waiting on more tests, and she's far from 100%. Thanks for praying!

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