15 July 2011

A Haiti Moment

It's 7:30 PM on Friday, and I'm ironing in my kitchen. The window is closed, because my neighbors are blaring a radio program. (Unusual for my neighbors, but not for Haiti. You don't have the right to quiet here.) I just finished pulling the laundry off the line, because it felt like it might rain. We got a nice, heavy rain on Wednesday, but nothing since then. Outside, both dogs were very suspicious of the way the bushes were moving. I wouldn't be surprised to find a mouse on my doorstep tomorrow morning. I turned around to see a spider as big as my hand scurrying up the wall by the door into the house. Not cool. Half a can of Baygon later, he is dead.

I am ironing white pilot shirts, because I can only iron on city power, and I'm afraid it'll go off before morning. There is a distressed lizard behind my refrigerator who is chirping at me. David is trying to shoo him away by slamming cupboard doors. His next task is setting up our evening Star Trek episode, which his dad kindly sends to us. My next task is making a cake from a box for a potluck tomorrow.

In spite of so many things, life in Haiti is good. Thanks for praying for us.

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