26 May 2011

The Zapper

I bought this off the street for 400 goud yesterday. He wanted 600, but I talked him down, and by the time we were done, I had him laughing and calling me "cheri"--kind of like "honey." I love that.

It's labeled a mosquito bat, but around here, we call it the zapper. It's a missionary essential, especially since rainy season is upon us and the mosquitoes are reproducing like crazy. Thus, they are making us crazy. I had another zapper, but it's battery-powered, and it doesn't work too great. This one's rechargeable and it has a flashlight. (My new friend thought this was a real selling point.)

It came with some important directions that I feel I should share with you. I feel I should share them because they are hilarious. I swear, I'm not embellishing at all.

BRAND MULTIPLE FUNCTION CAN LIGHTING ELECTRIC MOSQUITO ZAPPER is we company excogitate a new series products. It's use convenient and novelty shape. In order to easily for you to use it, please read following instruction carefully before using.

1. Before make use of it for the first time, please charging about 4-6 hours.
2. Kill mosquito method: push the electrical source switch to ON direction, press the middle button switch, the working direction light lighting, and the middle web have high voltage. (There's a reason they don't sell these in the States.) Flap and touch mosquito, mosquito will be shoot down. Loosen button switch, working indicator light go out, the web without electricity.
3. Use time: when the battery is fully charged, if it be simply used for kill mosquito about 10 days, while it be used for light can be lighted continuously about 20 hours.

a. Don't give childen playing as a toy. (Oh, really? Oh man, I just gave it to an infant. Darn.)
b. Don't press switch and touch electroform web that charging. (I've done this by accident. They're serious.)
c. Do not use it at areas where flammable gas or liquid is existed. Do not often use metal etc electric object strike fire in web. (Um, I don't know what this means, but I'll be keeping it away from any metal etc.)
d. Can't wash or scrub with wet washcloth. Dead mosquito on nets can be brushed off or shaken off. (In my experience, there's nothing left anyway. This thing vaporizes them. BWA-HA-HA.)

I'm sure it made more sense in Chinese.
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  1. Oh, man, that is HILARIOUS!!! We laughed out loud for sure!! More funny because we have one too...and we love it....yep, it vaporizes them...those evil buggers!!! Love you! ps, I am not quite sure how to post comments...hope you get this...Kath

  2. We used to have a battery powered one too from the US, and you're right, there's a very good reason they don't sell the other ones there. I had an uncontrollable urge to touch the one from the US; it hurt, but nothing too bad. I have no desire with our new one. The vanishing bug act is enough for me. (That's how I know when to charge it up...when it starts leaving pieces behind)