30 April 2011

Target Marks the Spot

See this, friends? When my passport and my sunglasses are hanging out together, it means good things are about to happen. 

It all started with a late afternoon flight out of Port-au-Prince. Everything was all scheduled--the airport shuttle reserved, the hotel booked, tickets printed. I'd only forgotten one thing (my hairbrush). We stood in the long check-in line next to Hugh, who was going back to Tennessee. He'd only arrived just yesterday, but his town had suffered nine losses in the tornadoes, and he was going home to help pick up the pieces. I prayed for him. 

After the waits and the pat-downs and the numerous x-ray scans of our baggage, we bought cheap cheeseburgers while waited to board that fabulous flight to the Land of Hot Showers and Fast Internet. But customs in Florida was, to be kind, quite slow, and our shuttle left without us. Hmm. So we called them on Skype (the Land of Fast Internet, remember? And it's everywhere!). They came back, and we made it to the  hotel by 9:00 PM. 

But friends, our sojourn was not over yet. Because as all good missionaries know, whatever you can stuff into your suitcase is customs free, and you get two free suitcases on international flights. So we still had one stop:

Isn't it beautiful? I thought so. I skipped dinner to go here, and I was not disappointed. 

And just to show that He loves me, God put lots of stuff I needed on sale. It was almost like they knew I was coming. Awesome. 

At 10:30, we staggered home, happy, well-supplied and poorer. Tomorrow, the true vacation begins. Thanks for praying for us--we're hoping for a restful, rejuvenating time.

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