30 March 2011

Who I Sat With Today

Today, I sat with Marie. She was sitting outside my gate when I came back from the grocery store. I don't love living on a busy street, but it does give me the opportunity to meet some of the women who are begging.

Marie has five kids, all of whom are grown, none of whom can find work. I brought her some filtered water in a tin cup and a package of four crackers. She couldn't get the package open, so I helped.

I've helped other women who were begging outside my gate before, and I've learned a few things. When they truly need it, they open the crackers and eat them right there instead of saving them. Marie ate. I held the package as one by one, she savored them. I told her not to hurry through it.

I can see down onto the street when I get on my treadmill, and I've watched other women down there. I watched one gal for thirty minutes one time, and the only person who gave her anything was a child of about ten. Maybe that's what God means when He says that only those who become like a child will enter the kingdom of heaven.

I don't always bring the ladies food and water, but I try to at least offer some change. But today, when I saw Marie, I really felt that I was supposed to sit with her. And as I sat, a bunch of school kids who like to bother my dogs walked by. I wondered what they thought, seeing this "rich lady" sitting in the dusty, trashy street with Marie. More people waved and said hello than usually do when I'm on the street. Maybe they saw me as a person. Or maybe they just saw me. Funny how when we associate with the "lowly," we realize how alike we all are.

Thanks for your prayers.


  1. Thank you for posting that. It is a good reminder. Keep up the good work! Sarah

    P.S. Our family has known about MAF for several years, so after the earthquake I found your blog via the MAF website, and started following it. I know that it has helped me pray for the Haitian people longer than I would have if I had just thought about them as long as the situation was in the media! Thank you for your updates.

  2. Thanks, Sarah! It's good to know that they help you remember to pray! Glad you enjoy them.