03 March 2011

Funny food

While I do have two or three "normal" grocery stores that I frequent here, some of the products still remind me that I'm not in Kansas anymore...

 For instance. Fat filled milk powder? Is the fat added, or was it already there?

My mom-in-law, Kathy, tried to tell me that there was no nutrition information on this peanut butter. Shows what she knows. 

Magic Time is one of my favorite cheaper brands...and also, it makes me laugh.

Pinto beans are called "Miami beans" here...only Miami is pronounced MEE-ah-MEE in Creole. Took me a while to figure that one out...the guy explaining it thought I was the dumbest American ever. Didn't even know where MEE-ah-MEE was. 

Oh, are you still drinking juice at your house? We've moved up to nectar. 

For export only, huh? I'm afraid to ask why. David says it's because this is the wheat germ that fell on the floor and they don't want to get sued. We ate it anyway. We didn't die.

"Is this the brand you want?" 
"Oh, sure, fine, whatever."

Because clearly, we didn't think they were arrogant enough already. FRENCH butter, people. From FRANCE. I'm surprised they stooped to printing it in English. And yet, they don't even have the decency to give you a full cup of butter so you can make cookies.

Aw, man! I got some ultra food encrusted on my dishes, but I only have NON-ultra dish soap. Rats! 

On a more serious note, the Caravan meeting...didn't happen. They're still trying to get it set up, because the official who was supposed to help us had to be with his wife, who was in a car accident in the States. His wife's okay, but please be praying for her and for the official and for the meeting...and of course, for God's will to be done. 

Thanks, guys.


  1. My favorite is the NON-ultra Joy. I guess that is the best that happy NON-believers can hope for. On the other hand, we who are in Christ, get to have Ultra Joy!

  2. This was a fabulous blog. Thank-you for sharing. We will continue to pray.

  3. You make me laugh, what a great post!!