02 February 2011

Today's the Day...

So I just read on Twitter* that they're announcing who's in the final elections run-off in about an hour and a half, at 4:30 our time. (In case you've lost track of the controversy, here's a summary.) Most organizations are also calling for their people to be off the streets by 3:00...the guys are hopefully heading home as we speak. David has strict instructions to be careful.

We knew this was coming. My Haitian friends are anxious for answers...but they're afraid. I am quick to remind them to trust in God's care and protection. And in all truth, I'm preaching it as much to myself as to them. I struggle, struggle, struggle to find something to say that isn't trite...and yet, Jesus said He Himself was the truth that comforts us. And we must fight the fear that threatens to overwhelm us at times, because Jesus doesn't give like the world.

What has the world given Haiti but faulty promises and "help" that doesn't help?

What has the world given Haiti, except for self-interested leaders in a web of lies even they can't keep track of?

When has the world ever given us anything of value?

Jesus doesn't give like that. What He gives us won't be burned or shot or looted or destroyed. It's impenetrable, even if I'm not. Lord, give us bullet-proof faith. Let nothing shake us. 

*I joined Twitter because I can get Haiti news updates more easily. If you try to "follow" me, you'll be disappointed.

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