05 February 2011

On Safety, and its proper applications

  Safety is something our pilots think about a lot. They do careful (even excessive) inspections. They practice procedures in case of emergency. They do thorough training in all aspects of maintenance and flight. And it's done in the name of safety.

That's a good thing, because safety is something our pilots' wives think about a lot, too. After all, I'm sort of attached to my pilot and wouldn't mind having him around for, oh, I don't know, 200 more years.


David has had two years of accident-free flying with MAF. He's awesome, and some of the credit goes to him. He's has some close calls...people on the runway when he's trying to land. Other planes that don't broadcast their position or intentions. Flight traffic controllers who make mistakes. These things happen.

But as we all know, you can prepare all you want, but sometimes, even "safety" can't help us. We'd like to think that we can outsmart ourselves. We hope that if we have enough fences and red tape and orange cones in place to keep ourselves in line, they won't betray us. But it's not true.

Because safety is as much a function of
God's grace as manuals and training.

So consider this my safety kudos to God, who, by the way, sees it all, knows it all, and can use it all, if we'll allow ourselves be used by Him.


  1. David, we are extremely proud of you and you Christine for your awesome support.

  2. (Proud Dad Alert) Congratulations! Thanks to the Gift, you guys won't have to separate at the 200-year mark -- you'll have all of eternity together. But of course, there is the awkward temporary separation that should be postponed as long as possible. No matter what, make sure you both out-live me; no need to violate the Natural Order of the Universe! :-)