24 February 2011

Dreams Tied Down

When you have a dream to see something happen, it's sometimes more of a burden than a blessing. Because more often than not, if your life is like mine, a dream means waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

Having a Cessna Caravan (picture above) has been a dream for the pilots of the Haiti program for a long time. For years now, they've been trying to figure out a way to move more people here, so we're not constantly turning down flights for larger groups. Having to shuttle people back and forth in the 206's and 207's is okay...but it's harder on them and on us. And sometimes, the size of the group makes it downright impossible. Plus, it ties up all our airplanes for a few hours, instead of just one flight. It's always been obvious that a Caravan could be very useful here.

After the earthquake, MAF got emergency approval to fly a Caravan here, thanks to Priority Air Charter, who supplied the plane and the pilot. Using the Caravan meant being able to fly huge loads of food from the World Food Program to displaced people around the country. Its increased capacity regarding people and cargo (it seats 12 instead of 5) was a huge blessing to many here...and people who had prayed prayed prayed for this to happen got a taste of what it would be like.

So after lots of discussion, prayer, and research, we pursued leasing a Caravan from Samaritan's Purse, based on good authority from someone in the government that they'd approve its registration.

And yet, after four months, here it sits. On our ramp. Waiting.

The government has concerns about the safety of the Caravan. There have been meetings with experts. Phone calls. More meetings. Letters. E-mails. And as of this moment, it sits.

However...someone from the Justice department happened to fly with us this week, and we happened to bring up our predicament. And now, much to our delight, he's trying to help.

The meeting is supposed to happen Wednesday, and we really need prayer. Because we want this dream to happen...but only in God's timing and plan, if it's truly from Him. We can see why it would make sense--we can see how good it would be. And now, we're getting the first forward progress toward registration that we've had since it got here. But we also know that good can get in the way of God's best, and dreams have a way of strengthening our resolve, even when they shouldn't.

Pray that we won't stick our foot in the door if God's closing it. Pray for our relationships with the government here, that they would glorify God. But most of all, please pray that we'd be able to use the Caravan to show His love and increase His glory here. 

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