10 January 2011

What a Day.

Event 1: Awoke at 2:30 to find my fan off. Assumed the motor had burned out. Went back to sleep.

Event 2: Got up this morning to find that the lights also didn't work...which means our batteries are having problems. Which means little or no power today, unless we can fix it or get city power (EDH). I hope my milk doesn't spoil.

Event 3: David and I inhale our cornflakes and go to work on the battery system...we get it charging, but it doesn't seem to be getting enough power...sigh.

Event 4: A stressed David goes to work, but not before he gets an e-mail that says there's a maintenance problem with the plane he's supposed to fly today. Double sigh.

And now, I sit, typing fast to save power, with wet hair I can't blow dry, getting ready to leave for my first day in the new session of English classes at Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince in a car that likes to stall out. I'm teaching a new class I've never taught before, too. At least I found my Creole/English dictionary!

What a day...and it's only 7:20 AM! Please pray for us today!


  1. Grandpa & GrandmaMon Jan 10, 09:56:00 AM EST

    We will pray for you and hope the day gets better.

  2. Thanks for the prayers and comments on FB. I did find the part I needed, so that was a blessing. :)